The John Kalleen Group is a classic ”Blue Note Era” jazz quintet! They offer fresh compositions, echoing the admired hard bop and post-bop eras of the 50s, 60s and 70’s but infused with a modern, dynamic spark. They deliver swinging, spirited arrangements of the classics from those eras. In an age of pickup bands, where “group performance” often means an assemblage of soloists trading licks, the JKG is instead a true ensemble, a quintet of musicians who rehearse and arrange together to create the kind of flowing, harmonious interplay, joyous power and full-bodied sound that comes only from a mutual, enduring dedication. Put more simply, the JKG is a tight, creative band that swings like mad and is a blast to listen to!

The JKG performed at the famous Cliff House in San Francisco for over 15 years as part of their “Friday Night Jazz Series” before it’s closing in 2021.

The band is led by trumpeter John Kalleen. John’s band mates are all jazz veterans, including tenor saxophonist Peter Graves, pianist Jon Herbst, bassist Blake Richardson and drummer Eric Thompson. An evening with the John Kalleen Group is a night of excellent musicianship, up-tempo energy and killer jazz with an inventive drive.

The John Kalleen Group expresses a musical energy, creativity and sophistication reminiscent of the great jazz groups of the 50s and 60s. Our customers have loved their performances for over 15 years!

-Dagmar Curtis, Manager, Cliff House, San Francisco