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The John Kalleen Group performs audience-pleasing, straight-ahead jazz in a 50s/60s vein, with a refreshing, modern dimension that keeps listeners fully engaged. Our concerts are marked by excellent musicianship, tight interplay and intriguing arrangements.

We also work hard to publicize our performances. We consider ourselves partners with the clubs and festivals that hire us, and we do everything possible to help maximize attendance at all of our dates:

  • We make sure that our performances are posted on our social media pages such as Face Book  and many Bay Area music and arts websites as possible, including the KCSM online Datebook.
  • Full details about our upcoming dates are sent to radio stations including jazz station KCSM and many others.
  • We email releases about our upcoming performances, including photos for possible printing in calendar listings, to all major Bay Area media outlets.
  • A monthly John Kalleen Group newsletter and performance calendar is emailed to an ever-growing subscriber list that currently stands at close to 500 members.

We’re all about the music, but we’re savvy to the business end of the music world and sensitive to your needs as a club owner or festival promoter. We present ourselves professionally, arrive on time, and do everything within our power to ensure a successful date, with a large and satisfied audience.

To discuss booking The John Kalleen Group for your venue or festival, please contact:

John Kalleen
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