Here’s what audience members and venue owners have been saying about the John Kalleen Group in concert:

The John Kalleen Group turns our ballroom into a bona fide jazz club, transporting our dinner guests to a different era and perfectly capturing the romanticized supper club experience of the 50’s we hoped to recreate. This five piece ensemble fills a room with happy people every time and are a joy to watch.

Amber Driscoll & Roger Tschann, Owners,
The Big Easy,


John, we consider The John Kalleen Group a huge asset when it comes to our jazz entertainment. I hear nothing but amazing things about your group’s performances. Thanks for all the greatness that you have brought to Shanghai 1930!

Kaitlin Maley Jazz Coordinator,
Shanghai 1930,
San Francisco, CA


The John Kalleen Group expresses a musical energy, creativity and sophistication reminiscent of the great jazz groups of the 50s and 60s. Our customers have loved their performances for over 15 years!

Dagmar Curtis
Cliff House
San Francisco, California


I just got back to MSU teaching my first classes, and wish I had a Lear Jet to hear your fine music this coming Friday. You and your group are great musicians, and I remember listening to your sets at the Cliff House so well. I will be “home” during Christmas, and will try to visit wherever you are performing.

Dr. Fred Smiley
MSU-N Professor of Education
Montana State University


You guys are fantastic and did such a wonderful job this year. Iím looking forward to working with you again!

Casey Mancl
Sr. Director, Business Development
American Heart Association


Your jazz group is truly off the hook! We both so enjoyed all of you. Finally some great blue note music in the bay area. We are starting our own John Kalleen groupie club!

Monica & Cedric Dotson
Petaluma, California


In January Michael and I had the absolute pleasure of listening to you at the El Dorado Hotel. The group was so fabulous! I came into work the next day and told our director that he had to hire you!

Karin Holdridge
Conference Service Manager
MacArthur Place Inn & Spa
Sonoma, California


You guys were hot Saturday evening! Your original music is outstanding! I can’t wait to hear your group again this Saturday.

William Henderson
Zebulon’s Jazz Lounge
Petaluma, California


John, I can hardly wait for your group to return to Saddles. June, Lou and myself have gone to see so many groups, but none as good as yours. I am always telling them there is no better than The John Kalleen Group!

Lyn Whaley
Jazz Enthusiast
Sonoma, California


Thank you; we had nothing but appreciation from all our guests. You guys are terrific!

Marty Paradise
S L Cellars, Kenwood, California


You guys were awesome last night. There were moments when each of you really got inside the music, where the art lives. It’s cool to hear a group of like-minded musicians who pursue this music as a real band. Your group is one of the best bands I’ve ever heard at our events. Thank you!

Peter Krammer
Family Services of Napa Valley


I was delighted and so were our guests with your performance here at the hotel. You guys are great!

David M. Gray
General Manager
El Dorado Hotel
Sonoma, California


We were very pleased with your band’s performance. The music contributed greatly to the event’s ambiance and success.

Mike Tomlin
General Manager
Fremont Motorcars, Jaguar, Aston Martin
Fremont, California